Does Rooibos tea help you lose weight

Rooibos tea grown in South Africa is gaining popularity in every part of the world. This tea is popular for its benefits more than its taste. This tea has been used as a medicine by the people of Africa for many centuries.

What is Rooibos tea

What is rooibos tea
What is rooibos tea

Rooibos is a South African word meaning “red bush”, but the rooibos plant has green, needle-like leaves and small yellow flowers.

It is a crimson herbal tea made from the fermented leaves of the South African shrub Aspalathus linearis.

This tea is used as a medicine, this tea is a good alternative to green and black tea.

Benefits of Rooibos Tea

Health benefits of Rooibos tea
Health benefits of Rooibos tea

Rooibos tea is full of antioxidants and this tea is completely caffeine-free, due to which we get a lot of benefits from consuming Rooibos tea. The benefits of this tea are mentioned below.

1. Anti-inflammatory effect

Rooibos tea contains antioxidants called polyphenols, and these antioxidants allow the plant to fight stress. Polyphenol antioxidants reduce inflammation and are less likely to cause inflammation. Long-term inflammation in the body increases the risk of cancer, heart disease, and a variety of other conditions.

2. Caffeine Free

This tea does not contain caffeine, which makes it suitable for youth and individuals who are sensitive to caffeine.

Because of no caffeine, drinking this tea will not disturb sleep, increase anxiety, or cause physical consequences such as restlessness and heart palpitations.

This tea is a great option for those who do not use caffeine.

3. Beneficial for diabetes control

This tea contains an antioxidant called Aspalathin found in green rooibos tea, an antioxidant called aspalathin that has the ability to lower blood sugar. Research on animals has shown that aspalathin acts as an anti-diabetic.

4. Beneficial for Blood Pressure Control

Some studies have found that rooibos tea acts as an ACE inhibitor. But still, it is being studied. ACE is known to lower blood pressure.

5. Good For Heart Health

Antioxidants play a huge role in maintaining heart health, which is why rooibos tea is very beneficial for heart health because of the high amount of antioxidants found in this tea.

In 2011, a study was conducted in which 40 people were given six cups of rooibos tea daily for 6 weeks and the result of this research was that the tea caused a significant reduction in the level of “bad,” cholesterol and high-Density lipoprotein, or “good,” cholesterol levels were significantly increased.

6. Weight management

This tea is fully calorie-free, making it an excellent beverage choice for anyone attempting to reduce weight or maintain a healthy weight.

This tea boosts leptin levels and aids with weight management. Leptin is a hormone that helps regulate food intake and notifies the body when it has had enough to eat.

It was found in the results of a 2014 study that this tea increased leptin levels and also inhibited the formation of new fat cells and encouraged accelerated fat metabolism.

7. May Reduce Cancer Risk

This tea contains two antioxidants called quercetin and luteolin that can kill cancer cells and inhibit the growth of tumors.

Although the amount of these oxidants is very small in one cup of tea, more than one cup of tea would have to be consumed to get the benefits of these oxidants.

Side Effects of Rooibos Tea

Side effects of rooibos tea
Side effects of rooibos tea

In general, rooibos tea is known as a safe tea, but excessive consumption of this tea also has its bad effects. The negative side effects of excessive consumption of this tea are mentioned below.

1. Increases Enzymes

One study found that excessive consumption of this tea leads to an increase in this tea enzyme, which can often indicate liver problems. This is a very complicated matter.

2. Bad effects on kidney

It has been confirmed by the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center that if a person consumes 10 cups of Rooibos tea in a day, then due to this tea, the person’s kidney can seen to have a bad effect and this tea can be used for a long time. It may cause minor changes in the reproductive system and adversely affect fertility.

3. Can prove fatal for cancer patients

According to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, several chemicals present in rooibos tea exhibit activities that mirror the hormone estrogen. As a result, persons with hormone-related malignancies, such as breast cancer, should avoid drinking tea.

4. Can reduce the effectiveness of drugs

Most individuals benefit from the antioxidant properties of rooibos tea, while those undergoing chemotherapy do not. Some of these medications’ efficacy can be reduced by antioxidants.

Does Rooibos tea help you lose weight?

Does Rooibos tea help you lose weight?
Does Rooibos tea help you lose weight?

Rooibos tea is very beneficial in reducing weight and this tea is capable of reducing weight very fast. This herbal tea removes the toxins present in our body and burns fat, due to which our weight starts reducing rapidly by consuming this tea.

0 calories are found in this tea and together with this tea increases the metabolism, due to which the food is digested quickly and the body does not get fat. This tea also helps in blocking the formation of fat cells.

does rooibos tea have caffeine?

No, this tea is completely caffeine-free and this tea does not contain tannins. Like green tea, this tea is caffeine-free, due to which this tea has a good effect on our health. Neither calories, fat, protein nor carbohydrates are found in this tea. Antioxidants are found in abundance in this tea, which benefits our health.


What does rooibos tea do?

Rooibos tea benefits our body, antioxidants are found in this tea, which keeps our body away from many diseases. This tea keeps heart health healthy, reduces weight, is beneficial for blood pressure control, beneficial diabetes control, anti-inflammatory effect, and reduces the risk of cancer.

Can I drink rooibos tea at night?

Yes, this tea can be drunk at night or in the evening. This tea does not contain caffeine, due to which drinking a tea at night will not disturb your sleep and it is completely safe to drink at night.

Can I drink rooibos tea during pregnancy?

A doctor’s advice must be taken before drinking this tea during pregnancy. Although it is a safe tea, consuming this tea during pregnancy can also cause bad effects, so before consuming this tea, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Can I drink rooibos tea if I have acid reflux?

People suffering from acid reflux should consume this tea, as this tea is completely caffeine-free. Consuming caffeine-free tea does not stimulate gastric acid secretion. Conversely, people suffering from acid reflux should avoid caffeinated drinks, caffeinated drinks can stimulate extra gastric acid secretion that can rise up your esophagus and result in increased symptoms of acid reflux.

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